1.Protect car paint surface from oxidation and damage of UV 

2.Stop the water droplets from sticking effectively. Prevent the car paint from oxidation and the damage of light refraction

3.Leaves the paint with an excellent shine, contains nano abrasive. Protect both new cars and used- cars. 

4.It can protect the car paint for 90 days after one waxing and the paint is still bright and shining.

5.Scratch resistance. Prevent slight scratches between car paint and objects after waxing

6.Easy to apply. It glides on like soft butter and the excess buffs off effortlessly with no dust or powder residue. Each time you wax, the carnauba builds on the surface, increasing the depth of shine and providing long lasting protection.

Using Steps:

1.Clean the car with water entirely. Wash the dirt and dust off, and dry it with #T700 Car Washing Microfiber Towel.

2.Dip some of this product with #S01 Foam Sponge Applicator, then spread it thinly on the car body.

3.Allow it to dry to a haze. (5-10 minutes in summer; 15-20 minutes in winter)

4.Buff off the excess with #T701 Waxing Using Microfiber Towel gently.

5.Your car will have a high gloss, wet look finish that improves every time you wax. 

Some waxing tips:

1.How often can you wax?

If your cars usually park in garages, and mostly drive on good roads, you can wax the cars every 1-2 months; if your cars usually park outside, you’d better wax them every month.

2.Some preparations before waxing

Before waxing, we suggest you clean the car bodies with the professional car wash material ( #202 Wash & Wax), cleaning the dirt and dust from the exterior of the car bodies.

When waxing by hands, first applying the right amount of car wax onto #S01 Foam Sponge Applicator, then smearing the car bodies in a certain orders circlely. Each smear should have a 1/5 to 4/5 overlap with the upper smear area to prevent leakage.

3.How to wipe paste wax?

Dip a little wax with #S01 Foam Sponge Applicator, apply on the paint surface evenly and gently. After the wax has dried, wipe it off with #T701 Waxing Using Microfiber Towel. 

4.Because the wax is oily, t when the car body is overheating, it is not suitable for waxing. When wax is not dry, you should not wipe wax ash, wipe early easy to adhere to some dust.

Product Code: 

S908-OZ6,  S908-0Z11,  S908-L20